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Are you sexy?

I’ve always admired the female body. If I were to paint a collection, it’ll all be about the curves, the wonder, the excitement brought about and the genius behind this lovely creation of God. The female body exudes sexiness in all forms- too bad, some women are oblivious to it.

It is astonishing how the female body can capture a man’s attention, how each hump can create sensations on Y-chromosomes that get them weak and hypnotized. I’m sure a lot will agree with me that they don’t have bodies like Giselle B but they get their men to their knees. That’s how powerful the female body is.

More than the visuals, I’m hands down to God for being able to come up with the idea of a woman. How he decided where to put the curves in the right place, how amazingly crazy he was to pull one of Man’s ribs and use it as foundation and how even crazier he was to invent conception! Let alone the idea of love-making.

I admit I’m not much of a model. And showcasing my lingerie collection myself might mean loss of sales on my end. Not because I’m unhappy with how the cloth falls from my body but it’s because there’s someone who can do a better job at modelling it, while I’m doing a better job of designing and restructuring it.

I have bulges, love handles, protruding “baby” fats from wherever. I have stretch marks, scars, and my tummy is not pretty enough for me to wear jaw dropping swim suits. But I am proud. And that DOES NOT make me “unsexy”.

Behind these imperfections is a place where a wonderful being stayed for nine months. It is where an inch-long-heart-beating-tissue grew to around five inches or more. A place where life is nurtured, where food and oxygen taken in support two lives together. A shelter filled with love, amidst the chaos going on in the world outside.

Being able to grow life within you and still look unbelievably good and whole? Now, isn’t that sexy!

Regardless of the form, shape or colour, the female body is a masterpiece. Its Painter has done a perfect job in choosing and mixing all the shades and hues, the texture and the lines. Its Engineer has ensured that it will be able to sustain life within, while not putting the one on the outside at stake. It is beautiful in ways a woman can ever imagine- it is all a matter of accepting, loving and trusting. Being sexy or beautiful emanates from within, until it radiates that confidence and oozes that sex appeal in ways only the female body knows how.

Now tell me girl, are you sexy?

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