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What is life?

June had been a manic month that I failed to post a single blog article. There weren't much updates on my IG or FB accounts either, despite how busy the month was. They say that the best moments don't make it on the social media, and it's one statement that holds true for me. My… Continue reading What is life?

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When the job doesn’t spark joy anymore

When something doesn’t spark joy anymore, it is easy to say “get rid of it” a la Marie Kondo; however, if it is something that pays the bills, brings food to the table, it is a bit complicated to just throw it away. I have been working in my 8-hour job for about 9 years… Continue reading When the job doesn’t spark joy anymore

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What is better than positivity?

Positivity has been the social norm lately especially that most people have been posting a lot about stress management and mental health issues. Even Catriona Gray showcased positivity in her winning answer in the 2018 Miss Universe pageant. Dictionary. com defines this way of thinking as the state or character of being positive: positivity that accepts the world as it is. It is finding… Continue reading What is better than positivity?