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Manjamana, Buscalan.

People have different reasons in traveling... Mine, personally, is to be enriched culturally. I was never a big fan of tattoos but to be inked in a thousand-year old art by the hands of a 100-year old exquisite woman and skillful ladies of her generation is a series of pains I am very much willing… Continue reading Manjamana, Buscalan.


A summer fling with Bohol

Two days and one night are not enough to explore this beautiful place but everything that happened and what I experienced on that short stay are more than enough to inspire me for a lifetime. The Pawikan River Cruise did not only re-fuel us with its sumptuous meal - after an almost 3-hour travel time… Continue reading A summer fling with Bohol


Conquering Claustrophobia

They say having wild imagination is a gift. Although sometimes I regret having it as I feel that it is to blame for my numerous types of fears. One of which are enclosed spaces. Make the place pitch dark and I know I will die from hyperventilation. I don’t understand why… It just seems that… Continue reading Conquering Claustrophobia

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My Ultimate Summer Gig in a Beach Resort called Miami Heat

Yes, you read it right. On the shores of Morong, Bataan, Philippines lies a beach resort that bears the same name as the NBA team- Miami Heat. It was just opened in March of this year, so we were really all in questions when our client, Manny Gomez of Staffhouse, Inc. informed us that this… Continue reading My Ultimate Summer Gig in a Beach Resort called Miami Heat


A Date with the Animals at Avilon Zoo

My son, Juneau, is a huge Diego and Dora the Explorer fan and has this interesting fascination with animals. This is probably what these two adventurous cousins have infected him with. So, I promised myself that I will take him to the zoo some time. Well, in Juneau's word- animal center. Apparently, Diego's family owns… Continue reading A Date with the Animals at Avilon Zoo