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In a workshop that our writing club facilitated two years ago, one of the speakers - Mylene Enrile (content creator for Two Monkeys Travel) - mentioned about making writing a continuous habit: as "ripples make waves". It lingered to me ever since and sparked an idea of publishing a book for our club. Ambitious it… Continue reading #keepthequillgoing


Feature: Coleen D., Designer

Get ready, fashionistas! Here's Coleen D. to satisfy our sartorial dilemma. In the recent Manila Fashion Festival, Coleen Dumlao showcased her Urban Habal collection inspired by Baguio flowers.(taken from Coleen's Facebook account)Urban Habal ur·ban in, relating to, or characteristic of a town or city.Habal Garden, a small piece of ground used to grow vegetables, fruit,… Continue reading Feature: Coleen D., Designer

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Manjamana, Buscalan.

People have different reasons in traveling... Mine, personally, is to be enriched culturally. I was never a big fan of tattoos but to be inked in a thousand-year old art by the hands of a 100-year old exquisite woman and skillful ladies of her generation is a series of pains I am very much willing… Continue reading Manjamana, Buscalan.