Of TOTGAs, Unrequited, Star-crossed, and everything in between (Feature: Almost Love by Claudette Galacgac)

How many times have we felt intense emotions that it seemed like it’s the end of the world for us? Some people may have savored such moments in a dramatic shower scene. Some may have paddled themselves in beer and music. But some people, the artists, they immersed in a world of stories and poetries.

Almost Love by Claudette Galacgac was one of those books that takes us down the memory lane and that may bring us a tear or two. As the author described, Almost Love chronicled her journey through the TOTGAs, unrequited, star-crossed, and everything in between. Along with pieces from ordinary people who turned into poets under the spell of love, the book laid out poems and letters of lessons, regrets, hope, and longing. These stories made us feel that all of us – strangers or not – have parallel experiences; these bind us with strings that probably have met at some point – but may not necessarily be knotted.

For someone who has been single for a couple of years and have had her own love adventures, this book had me smile and teary-eyed at the same time. I rarely blog about my love life (the last blog entry I think was in 2016) not because I’m bitter or cynical, but maybe because I’m saving it for another time. What time am I waiting for you ask, I’m not sure either. But being single for quite a while makes us skeptical at times don’t you think? Reading a collection of stories and poems about what we used to feel makes us relive that feeling all over again. That giddy feeling, that energy, that affirmation, that burning passion, that denial, that pain, that suffering. Ugh, what crushing yet beautiful moments! My emotions shifted from “The Forgotten Song” to Virn’s “Untitled”. And while I ached at some lines, I am so glad to have read statements of happiness and no regrets. Because in the most genuine meaning, isn’t this what love should let us feel?

Sir Alfred Lord Tennyson in one of his poems quoted, “it’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all”. I subconsciously breathed out this line when I finished reading the book. As I close the cover, a lot of scenes flashed in my head… and I smiled. My “almost loves” brought me to where I am now, and I’m thankful. I’m sure that one true love is just out there somewhere; we’re all under the same sky after all.


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Wanna know how to get a copy of the book?Please send me a holler!

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