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Mico and Ruby: A wedding illuminated by His Grace

I have worked with Mico for around 3 years for Tutus and Bellas Eventology. Being one of the few males in the team, we have always looked up to him for his matured and calm personality; more so, for his spirituality.

Something happened along the way which tested this strong facade, and I was able to witness how he went through and overcame these trials. I’ve come to meet his then-fiancée, Ruby, few months after, and the love between them was undeniable. So when I found out that he was getting married, I knew right away that I just have to host his wedding.

Mico and Ruby’s matrimonial ceremony was held in their local church. The celebration might have seemed to be simple, yet it was one of the grandest weddings filled with love and grace that I have ever been.

What is the Lord’s Grace? At the top of our heads, it is easy to say these are blessings provided to us. Mico on that day gave me a different perspective on this, as he shared what Grace is with much deeper meaning.

Grace, as he said, is:

Undeserved favor. How many times did we feel that we are given with so many opportunities which we did not ask for or which we do not have qualifications for?

Enabling power. With all these opportunities we are granted with, have we ever felt so capable that we feel like we can do anything?

Beauty. Life is filled with good and bad details, at times too bad to imagine, but isn’t it true how the simplest things like the sunset or sunrise can warm even the coldest soul? In Mico and Ruby’s case, it is Lumi, so small yet brimming with joy, that illuminates their lives in such a tremendous way.

I was enlightened with so much love and grace that day that Mico and Ruby’s wedding continue to inspire me until now. A celebration like this always reminds me of His undying love, and true enough that no matter how challenged we are, it is by His Grace that we are saved.

Official photos by Memories & Prints

Hair & Make-up by Jen Zami

Love you both! ❤️

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