Juneau At Three

At 3, Juneau can count more than ten, and has memorized the alphabet. At 3, Juneau knows the different colours and shapes. At 3, Juneau knows the pieces of chess and has this as his first sport. At 3, Juneau knows how to fix puzzles.
At 3, Juneau can get very tech savvy. Yet he’s humble enough to let his world be filled with simplicity. At 3, Juneau cares more for the things that are substantial; and sticks his nose to the books and ditch the toys away.
At 3, Juneau knows that Mama needs to go to work and has to leave him to Tiyo. He’s aware that Mama works at night and won’t be there to lull him to sleep. At 3, Juneau understands that Mama is sad in doing this but has to. He knows she’ll be back soon; he just needs to wait unwearyingly.
But at 3, Juneau can tell Mama that it’s dark and she should stay home. That it’s raining outside and Mama’s not allowed to go. That he doesn’t want Jollibee or diapers or toys. He may be young but knows how to speak his mind and voice his thoughts out.
At 3, Juneau knows how to stop Mama from crying. His tears will do the trick and will just ask Mama to wipe his tears off instead. At 3, Juneau has found a way to calm Mama’s anger- simple. He’ll just tell Mama, “Ma sorry. Please don’t get mad, I don’t want you getting mad at me”. Plus some good acting and tears – Mama will hug him right then and there.
At 3, Juneau recalls names and faces. Despite the pictures hidden and name barely spoken and unheard of, he still remembers that person who probably doesn’t give him a second of his day. At 3, Juneau knows not to ask where Papa is, all he knows is he’s gone to somewhere else.
At 3, Juneau is a child but has gone through so much. Still he dances with music and sings with his heart and soul all poured out. At 3, Juneau may not think and talk like he’s supposed to, but he’ll remain the Prince that he is- no matter how young or old, how near or far, regardless how unjust or kind the world may get. Now at 3 and whenever, Mama will breathe Juneau’s life.

What are your thoughts? ♥

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