Sambawan Island – A Quiet Escape

Small yet majestic. At the very heart of Biliran you’ll find this wonderful island of Sambawan. White sands, blue skies, clear waters and the tranquility of the place will surely make you wish that the day won’t end.

Biliran has always been associated with either Samar or Leyte. A few people know that this province was given its independence in 1992 by President Fidel V Ramos. It used to be “Biliran, subprovince of Leyte”. Little by little, the Biliranons kept on working to be known for itself, not just as a subprovince or some sorts.

One can say that getting to Sambawan is irksome as you will travel in all modes of transportation. The quicker (or -est) route is getting to Tacloban first by plane (around 45 minutes), then a 3-hour shuttle ride going to Naval- the capital of Biliran, and finally an hour or more boat ride to the island. But once you set foot on the sand and get a view of the whole island, it’s all going to be worth it.

The view from the top brings indescribable peace, as the sea and sky seem to be one in the vast blue horizon; while the waters, green and blue sparkling with diamonds-like-a-floating, embrace you into a seemingly endless bliss of hush and stillness .

It’s perfect for soul-searching or bonding with loved ones. Not for the party goers though, as this place will surely take you away from the noise and chaos of the city. It’s all about getting one with the sea and nature, and letting their sounds fill your ears and take you away to serenity.


What are your thoughts? ♥

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